Christmas with Danielle Ate the Sandwich

by Danielle Ate the Sandwich

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5 songs of pure delight!
Classic covers and originals too!
Self recorded and produced by Danielle Ate the Sandwich in her Minneapolis Studio Apartment, from Nov 2012-Dec 2012.
Album artwork by Ryan Anthony Martin


released December 4, 2012


all rights reserved



Danielle Ate the Sandwich Colorado

Danielle Ate the Sandwich is a national touring, folk singer/songwriter, known for her Youtube videos and composing the soundtrack to the HBO documentary, 'Packed in A Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson.' DATS released 'The Terrible Dinner Guest' in Sept. 2016, her 6th full length album of original songs. Danielle often releases exclusive content on Bandcamp! Follow her to hear it! ... more

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Track Name: To Be With You and Warm
To Be With You and Warm

I’ve got a wish, this Christmas
I hope it snows all day long
I want to be wrapped up by the tree
in the heat, in the hope of your arms

I know it’s long been tradition
to stand under hallways and doors
and kiss under mistletoe, but I am a modern girl
so let’s get this show on the road

It’s seems so silly to ask for
gift boxes taped to unwrap
I’ve done my fair share of tearing
And I’m planning to never look back

It’s been a long year behaving
But I know that Santa’s sincere
When he makes up his mind
I’ll make the good list this time
I’ve been polite and well mannered all year

It’s seems so silly to ask for
something that I’d never miss
I don’t need worldly possessions
The thing that I want now is this

The frost in the window pane steaming
The city all covered in snow
the star on the christmas tree
must be giving my wish to me
cuz you’re safe, you’re with me and we’re warm
Track Name: Flat Screens

All good people it’s that time of year
All good people rejoice
It’s getting cold, get your mittens and gloves
to warm up your little fingers

All good people get ready
the shopping mall parking lot is full
it’s getting late to be buying your presents
you gotta get it while the getting are getting

And all of the children are building snowmen
All the grandparents are watching them build them
and to all of the people, who aren’t christians
thanks for letting us steal the show

All good people light your houses
if you don’t deck the halls you’re dead
You’ll be the laughing stock of the cudelsac
neighborhood covenants are relentless

And all of the snowmen are slowly melting
But they’ll be back next year and so will this feeling
If global warming means no more snowstorms
I bet we’ll find a way to carry on

All good people get your money
I hope you've been saving all year
cuz it ain’t as cheap as it looks on TV
for all those flat screens, flat screens, flat screens

We’re buying flat screens, flat screens, flat screens
Track Name: Grownup Holiday
Grownup Holiday

Streets are quiet, snow is falling
and chimney smoke is, moving slowly
and in the houses, warm with bodies
All their shadows telling stories

Everyone around me seems to see
something that I used to easily
but I am older now than I have ever been before
I’m grown up
I’m grown up

All the tables, trimmed with turkeys
stuff the stomachs of our families
outside the carolers, singing hymnals
all the children weak with wonder

I used to be one of those with hope
sugar plums just dancing in a row
all the lightness of a little girl
has left me slowly
I’m grown up

Oh, Santa Claus can you hear me now?
I have been so far gone the past few years
I am not sure what it takes to get back to
Finding all the love and trust I had for you

Streets are quiet, snow is falling
Happy Holidays to all the grown ups

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